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Potmans Lane, Ninfield, East Sussex, TN33
Guide price £495,000 | 53.0 acres

Known as Duncans Wood, this wonderful holding comprises three connected, long established wooded areas being South Wood, Eleven Acre Wood and Reid Wood.

It comprises about 53 acres of ancient and semi-ancient woodland on undulating, predominately clay ground, with established pathways leading through the woods giving access to the different areas and vantage points where you can take in the splendour of the woodland haven that offers constant interest throughout the seasons with a rainbow of floral and fragrant blossoms.

There are numerous ponds and watercourses, with populations of frogs, toads, Great Crested Newts and other amphibians. The largest of the ponds is home to dragonflies and mayflies and bordered by watermint, iris, bullrushes, oxygenating spider plants and water lilies. Having been cleared in the last twelve months, it is fed by two natural streams and has a flood-prevention overflow.

The woodland itself is made up of a huge variety of flora and fauna, with roughly half the area being sweet chestnut coppice, and the remainder being mixed native broadleaf hardwoods including oak, ash, hornbeam, hazel, birch, field maple and crab apple, and a magnificent giant beech tree believed to be approximately 500 years old. Throughout the year, many species of woodland plants can be found, including primroses, wood anemones, bluebells, campion, orchids and foxgloves. There is also a small orchard with apple, pear, damson and greengage trees.

The woodland has been managed in various ways, including professional coppicing in the past six years. However, there is currently no formal woodland management plan in place, including any felling or thinning licences, or any grants or financial support from Forestry England, RPS, or similar.

There is a portal framed barn of approx. 150 sq. m. built on a concrete pad, benefitting from sliding doors for vehicles as well as pedestrian doors. There is LED strip lighting, a work bench, storage racks, and a 1200 litre diesel tank. Power is supplied by a portable generator and it is accessed from a reinforced hardcore track to support vehicles.


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