Compulsory Purchase & Compensation

What is Compuslory Purchase?

Public and private bodies such as Government Departments, Local Authorities and Utility Companies can all exercise Statutory powers to compulsory purchase by means of a Compuslory Purchase Order (CPO) or exercise rights over land for a wide range of reasons, most often large construction and civil engineering schemes including road schemes, pipelines, electricity pylons and cables etc.


Compensation is paid to reflect the losses and disturbance caused by a CPO or statutory scheme on an owner or occupier’s property and will generally include professional fees incurred so there should generally be no cost to the claimant.

Negotiations about compensation begin at the very outset of a scheme and it is vital to seek clear professional advice and make an early representation to fully protect your interests.

The principle of compulsory purchase compensation is to return the land owner or occupier to a financial position no worse or better than if the scheme had not happened and is paid in relation to:

  • the value of the land being acquired
  • Severance & Injurious Affection (the depreciation in the value of any retained land where only part of the holding is acquired.)
  • Disturbance (the costs and losses incurred as a result of being disturbed on the occupation of the property.)
  • Fees (the reasonable surveyors fees incurred in preparing and negotiating a compensation settlement together with solicitors fees for any conveyencing where land is compulsory purchased.)

Samuel & Son have extensive experience and expertise in this field having been involved in a number of major Local Authority road schemes including the Bexhill Hastings Link Road.  We have represented landowners and farmers in various fresh water and sewage pipeline/pumping station projects, oil pipelines, as well as electricity pylon claims against UK Power Networks and National Grid.

We offer a highly professional and personal service understanding how stressful the impact of such schemes can be on landowners and occupiers and do everything possible to minimise the disruption and ensure the best possible compensation package is awarded.

At Samuel & Son claims are professionally prepared by our Chartered Surveyors and supported with detailed evidence.   We are well equipped to advise on, and handle every aspect of the claim procedure.

For further information or to discuss your specific situation please contact us on 01435 864020.