Wealden District Council ‘Call for Sites’ for Housing and Development

Wealden District Council are in the process of re-assessing the need for housing and development in the area and are calling on landowners to put forward sites that may have potential for housing and/or other development in the district.

Town PlanningWealden District Council’s ‘Call for Sites’

Wealden District Council are currently undertaking a ‘Call for Sites’ to invite landowners to put forward sites for consideration for housing and/or other uses in the district. The Call for Sites will be open until 22 May 2015.

With work underway on the new Wealden Local Plan which will re-assess the need for housing and economic development in the District, and set out a strategy to deliver the growth required.

As part of this process the Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA) will provide up-to-date evidence on the suitability, availability and achievability of land put forward by private land owners, with the potential for consideration later in the Local Plan process. In addition to housing, the study will consider a wider range of land uses for submitted sites including economic development such as retail, office and business development, gypsy and traveller sites, green infrastructure and mixed use development.

The Council are considering all new and previously submitted (through SHLAA) sites with development potential within the District.

We are currently assisting a number of landowners with submissions to the SHELAA and would be happy to answer any questions or assist you if you think that you have a site suitable for consideration.

Contact: Sam Dutton
Tel: 01435 864020
Email: sam@samuelandson.co.uk


(Article published 14th April 2015)